Welcome ✨ I’m a designer and researcher based in Amsterdam and the WWW. Between 2020 – 2022 you will find me experimenting and learning at the Sandberg Instituut’s Design Department

I am also available for commissions, collaborations and chats so get in touch at sheonaturnbull@gmail.com 🌸

For Porosity is the first issue of a journal by, for and about Sandberg students. The periodical publishing platform is used for sharing works-in-progress, visual or textual essays, opinions and inquiries, tips and reviews, upcoming plans and all other relevant bits of information with the Sandberg community.

Find more at pub.sandberg.nl

Featuring contributions by Bin Koh, Naomi Credé, Harriet Foyster, Anna Maria Merkel & Juhee Hahm, Dario Dezfuli, Elisa Grasso, Elia Castino and many others. Editors: Ada Reinthal, Maria Muuk, Maike Statz, Holly Childs. Graphic designers: Dario Dezfuli, Sheona Turnbull, Miquel Hervás Gómez.